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Community Leadership Forum

No one understands Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods better than the residents living in them. Each neighborhood is unique and unless we hear from the residents, we cannot fully understand how to address their challenges and aspirations.IMG_8785

The purpose of the Community Leadership Forum is to create an empowered community of change agents. Neighborhood Allies will coordinate and connect grassroots leaders in target neighborhoods to each other and to available resources, so that their long-term efforts lead to visible, resident-led change. The Forum will provide a way for leaders to exchange information, develop ideas and strategies, and access tools to implement community change actions. The Forum will consist of 18 members – three from each of the six target neighborhoods, who will be given the responsibility and tools to coordinate neighborhood events, participate in information exchanges, and assist with Grassroots Grants program design and outreach. The members of the forum will also make decisions about grant recipients. Over the next three years, we will recruit and select the forum participants, launch the forum, host a field trip to Cleveland’s Neighborhood Connections Program, launch the Grassroots Grants, select a new group of forum participants, and assess the process.

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Ashley Corts, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Black Forge, Hilltop Community
Aurelia Carter-Scott, Family Support Specialist, Larimer Community
Autumn Butler, Executive Director of Wilkinsburg Christian Housing, Borough of Wilkinsburg
Bobby Gilbert, Lincoln-Lemington Community Consensus Group, Lincoln-Lemington Community
Deacon Thomas, Lincoln-Lemington Community Consensus Group, Lincoln-Lemington Community
Denise Rudar, Treasurer of Millvale Borough Development Corporation, Millvale
Donna Jackson, Larimer Consensus Group, Larimer Community
Glenn Grayson, Organizer of One Pittsburgh, Hill District Community
Jmar Bey, President of the South Hilltop Men’s Group and Program Engineer at Pittsburgh Works, Hilltop Community
Jody Guy, Chair of the Wilkinsburg Community Arts and Civic Design Commission, Borough of Wilkinsburg
LaShawna Russ, Beltzhoover Community Coordinator at Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group, Hilltop Community
Mallory Womble, Volunteer of the Teen Council Initiative of Millvale Community Library, Millvale Community
Mandy Wolovich, Attorney and Co-founder of Millvale Community Library, Millvale
Michelle King, Educator at the Environmental Charter School, Borough of Wilkinsburg
Paul Abernathy, Executive Director of FOCUS Pittsburgh, Hill District Community
Tia Torres, TeenBloc Organizer at A+ Schools, Hill District Community
Tonisha Blackwell, Founder and CEO of Knotzland, Homewood Community
Wahad Ansari, Founder and CEO of Three Generations Barbershop, Homewood Community
Yahru Hood-Wilkerson, CEO of Homewood Purpose and Loungdromat, Homewood Community

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