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Community Development Fellowship Program

In 2014, we launched the Community Development Fellowship Program to attract and connect emerging and potential leaders to local community development opportunities. Recruitment efforts are focused on minorities and those who live in underserved communities.Summer 2015 082_edited

Faced with a shortage of minority leadership within the community development system, Neighborhood Allies created a fellowship program to increase leadership capacity among those who have been historically excluded so that communities are not just growing, but are growing equitably; attract and connect emerging and potential leaders to local community development opportunities; and create a mentoring program that pairs community development staff with senior-level professionals in the field.

The role of the fellows is to expand Neighborhood Allies’ current expertise, capacity, and credibility to provide additional services, resources, and connections to Pittsburgh’s communities of need. We host three fellows simultaneously for one-year placements at Neighborhood Allies and/or community-based organizations in underserved communities at competitive salaries. After each fellow’s year is over, they will have valuable skills and connections within the community development field. Upon a positive performance evaluation at the end of year one, Neighborhood Allies will attempt to match fellows with appropriate full-time paid positions within the community development network. Our current fellows are focused on Community Data/Policy/Research, Real Estate/Placemaking, and Community Leadership. Program goals are to increase access, understanding, and usability of data, real estate, and placemaking; build capacity to launch the Community Leadership Forum and Grassroots Grant Program; seed new talent in the community development field; and better connect emerging and prospective leadership within the field.