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The Partnership Network

The Partnership Network is a multi-organizational initiative that aims to have a positive impact on the system by working together and developing, improving, or uplifting efforts that work – in service to our neighborhoods.

The Partnership Network is a network of intermediary organizations that provide skill and knowledge building opportunities to the community development sector. Intermediaries include Forbes FundsDesign Center Pittsburgh, New Sun Rising, NeighborWorks, the Bayer Center, Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience (PULSE), Coro Center for Civic Leadership, and Neighborhood Allies among others.

In all their work, the Partnership Network focuses on building the capacity of community based organizations to improve the lives of residents across the City of Pittsburgh and surrounding boroughs. Neighborhood Allies serves as the convener for the Partnership, bringing intermediary organizations together to address issues and opportunities in the capacity building sector and facilitating meetings to ensure collaborative process runs smoothly. While the larger network meets on a quarterly basis, a smaller committee made up of multiple intermediary partners from the network will meet on a monthly basis to closely monitor capacity building efforts and ensure consistent effort toward Partnership goals.

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