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You want a rewarding career. Pittsburgh needs Financial Coaches. Let your next step be to help people take theirs.

Are you looking to expand your professional competencies to include financial coaching? Neighborhood Allies is excited to announce a partnership with Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc to sponsor a cohort of aspiring Accredited Financial Coaches!

If you work in an organization that advises clients on issues pertaining to their financial stability and decision making, you and your colleagues may want to consider obtaining official certification as a financial counselor. Accredited Financial Counselors (AFC) are trained to handle topics from personal relationships with finances to debt management. Over the next year, our passionate, driven cohort will follow online coursework and work within their current organization (or one of our partners) to satisfy experience hours. Following the exam, this nationally recognized certification grants the bearer the ability to create or work at any financial coaching institution in the United States. You can read and learn more about this opportunity here. We are accepting applications on our portal until noon on February 15, 2019.

If you are considering AFC certification or not sure if it is the right path for you, take our quiz below to find out. You can also apply here.

If you can think of anyone who’d be a good fit for this opportunity, be sure to pass along this email! You can email our colleague Vanessa Buffry to ask questions about the program (

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