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Larimer is surrounded on nearly all sides by small valleys, or “runs” in the vernacular: branches of Negley Run form a border between Larimer and Highland Park on the North-West, and between Larimer and Lincoln-Lemington on the North-East, while the last bit of Two-Mile Run, the present site of the East Busway, forms a border between Larimer and Homewood on the South-East. On the South-West, there is a natural passage from East Liberty to Larimer along Larimer Avenue.

Larimer was originally settled by Germans in the later half of the 19th century. Before long, Larimer residents had built and were running concrete foundries and commercial bakeries along Lincoln Avenue towards Two-Mile Run (some of which still exist today), and a successful commercial district at the intersection of Larimer Avenue and Meadow Street. Larimer was Pittsburgh’s Little Italy until the 1960s. The 1960s were a turning point that resulted in the flight of residents. This process sped as nearby East Liberty faced urban renewal and the construction began on a large housing project.

Larimer’s location, east of Downtown and walkable from East Liberty, offers residents a variety of cultural amenities and businesses. The Pittsburgh Zoo, tennis courts, and ball fields and a playground are all within close proximity to the neighborhood. The housing stock, mainly “Pittsburgh Boxes” and rowhomes, offers affordable opportunities for homeownership. The City of Pittsburgh supports these efforts through the 10-year tax abatement program for renovated properties. Community groups provide youth programming and address improve the quality of life in the neighborhood.

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