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Homewood is located in the easternmost part of Pittsburgh, bordered on the east by East Hills, on the west by Larimer and Shadyside, on the North by Lincoln-Lemington Belmar, and on the south by Point Breeze. Homewood is officially divided into three neighborhoods: Homewood North, Homewood South and Homewood West.

Click here to view a PDF of the Homewood Neighborhood Level Stratgies

To ensure that we’re able to achieve impact and follow through with these strategies, we have assigned a Neighborhood Allies Team Member as a lead for each of our neighborhoods to effectively deploy our complete capital model. Neighborhood Leads will spend time on the ground working in their respective communities.

Homewood Neighborhood Leads:

Shad Henderson | Reach him at
Shikha Jerath | Reach her at
Presley Gillespie | Reach him at

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