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Hill District


Nestled between Downtown, the Strip District and Oakland, the Hill District is made up of five distinct neighborhoods: Crawford-Roberts, Upper Hill, Middle Hill, Upper Hill, Bedford Dwellings and Terrace Village.

The neighborhood has a rich cultural history and is considered by many to be the cultural center of African-American life in Pittsburgh. Harlem Renaissance poet Claude McKay once called the district “the crossroads of the world,” referring to the neighborhood’s heyday in the 1930s – 1950s. Today, it is known to many Pittsburghers as simply “The Hill,” and is home to almost 17,000 people who walk, drive or ride the bus to Downtown or Oakland.

The Hill District’s close proximity to downtown and cultural institutions reinforces a sense of community and history. Although it is still known for the Crawford Grill and other jazz establishments, the Hill House and the new CONSOL Energy Center, the first LEED-certified NHL arena, are at the edge of the Hill District to connect the community with Downtown and provide entertainment. Several public art projects are being planned. Also, the affordability of homeownership and locations of several new housing developments have provided opportunities for residents. The UPMC Mercy Hospital also offers healthcare to the neighborhood.

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