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Catalytic Grants

The Catalytic Grants Program provides awards ranging from $1,000 – $75,000 to support ideas that make Pittsburgh area neighborhoods healthier, safer and stronger. The program is open to nonprofit organizations and partnerships serving low-to-moderate income communities in Allegheny County.

We offer two types of investments to help you achieve one or more of the Priority Results areas –Neighborhood-Based and System Improvement.



  • Programs and projects serving low-to-moderate income communities within Allegheny County are eligible for place-based awards ranging from $1,000 – $15,000. Awards can support a wide array of small-scale community initiatives, including but not limited to: projects to help activate neighborhood plans; events to increase connectivity amongst residents, business owners and community based partners; and activities to celebrate neighborhood pride and attract new people and investments.
  • Programs and projects aimed to make achievements in one or more of the 5 Priority Result Areas and serving one of our 6 Focus Neighborhoods are eligible for place-based awards ranging from $1,000 – $75,000. Those neighborhoods are 1) Hilltop (Beltzhoover, Allentown and Knoxville); 2) The Hill District; 3) Homewood; 4) Larimer; 5) Millvale and 6) Wilkinsburg.

System Improvement:

  • We will also invest in improving the local community development system’s ability to achieve the 5 Priority Result Areas in low-to-moderate income communities in Allegheny County. We define that system as:
    • The strength, productivity, and alignment of the nonprofits, social enterprises, networks and partnerships, business partnerships, and informal groups working in community development; and
    • The policies and incentives, practices, and power dynamics that impact the flow of Complete Capital and make it possible to attract capital from outside the region.

System Improvement initiatives are eligible for grant awards ranging from $1,000 – $75,000. Competitive proposals within this category shall be either multi-neighborhood, city or county-wide in scale and demonstrate cross-sector partnerships. We will often actively co-develop these initiatives with you.

We recently upgraded to an online Grant Lifecycle Management (GLM) System which is an online grant management system that allows us to better manage our grant application, reporting and impact measuring workflows. It also makes applying for a grant from Neighborhood Allies even easier for YOU! All Catalytic Grant applications and supplemental reports need to be submitted via our GLM system. (Click here to view a sample PDF of the Catalytic Grant Application).


We offer Catalytic Grant investments to help you achieve one or more of the following results*:

*The first four of the five Priority Result Areas are adapted from The Healthy Neighborhoods Approach by national neighborhood strategist, David Boehlke. The Equitable Development Result Area is informed by our work with PolicyLink and others on the “All-In Pittsburgh” agenda.

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