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Neighborhood Allies Launches Community Resources Page

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Neighborhood Allies is happy to announce the launch of our new Community Resources Page!

This page on our website serves as a reference to the many community and economic development services available here in Pittsburgh. As your ALLY, it is our job to connect you with valued resources that will help you do your best work, and we hope our resource page plays a role in helping you meet your goals!

By connecting the community to many of the resources and services they seek, we hope to provide useful information, intended to help individuals grow and improve their lives. Whether it is business, home, or government related our page aims to serve as a starting point for the community to find the resources tailored to meet their specific needs. Sharing information and helping the community access the opportunities they need is an integral part of our work here at Neighborhood Allies, and we hope that residents share the contents on this page with their friends, family, and neighbors. We are here to offer our assistance to the community in any manner possible and we firmly believe that helping the community access these resources and services will have a positive impact in the communities we serve.

The Resource Page will undergo regular updates to add new resources and maintain current information. We encourage community members to contact us directly if they are unable to find the resources they seek on this page.  Additionally, let us know if you would like your services listed on this page!

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