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We are pleased to announce investments totaling $540,000 which will support creative, innovative, collaborative and inspiring projects and ideas that will help transform struggling neighborhoods into more sustainable, healthier, safer and stronger communities.

A total of 8 awards were made in the spring 2015 round, representing our unique approach to investing in neighborhoods that supports innovative, resident-driven, comprehensive development and revitalization strategies and partnerships. Awards were made throughout our priority neighborhoods and on behalf of the community development system locally. Projects will address a myriad of local issues and opportunities ranging from comprehensive placemaking strategies in Wilkinsburg and Homewood, to a youth maker-training program in Larimer, to the deployment of a platoon of local veterans to help communities implement community improvement projects throughout our focus geographies.

“We really want to be a forward-thinking, solutions-oriented community developer that brings hope, fresh ideas, expertise and resources to distressed and transitional neighborhoods. We are excited about these projects and will continue to listen to the needs of our neighborhoods, while serving as a catalyst for change.”

                                                                                            –Presley Gillespie, President

Congratulations to all of the spring 2015 grantees:

  • $75,000 Operation Better Block: To implement a placemaking strategy, building off of and continuing blight removal while creating productive greenspace, completing baseline repairs and façade improvements on occupied homes in a cluster along the East Busway near Faison School.
  • $75,000 Made Right Here: To implement a year-long youth maker training and professional development program with Larimer Youth.
  • $75,000 Community Empowerment Association: Strategic Training Employment Program (STEP) that provides construction industry training and job placement for Homewood residents and assists local public and private developers and contractors to recruit and retain qualified community residents.
  • $50,000 FOCUS Pittsburgh: A planning grant to create, convene and manage a local advisory board made up of high-level experts and professionals who will inform the implementation of a pilot trauma-informed community development strategy in the Hill District.
  • $75,000 Hosanna House, Inc.: To implement a placemaking strategy that will complete beautification and infrastructure improvements that will connect the services Hosanna House offers at their facility with the Penn Avenue business district.
  • $65,000 Wilkinsburg Community Developent Corporation: To support a small business marketing/promotion and investment attraction program that incorporates physical façade and building improvements with tools that both current and prospective entrepreneurs can use to grow and maintain their businesses.
  • $50,000 The Mission Continues: To deploy a service platoon of 40-60 returning veterans to work with community leaders to plan and execute service missions throughout our focus neighborhoods.
  • $75,000 Vibrant Pittsburgh: To implement a pilot diversity advancement project that will create an online platform to identify, source and pool diverse talent and formalize a partnership with leaders to recurit and place that talent locally.

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