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LISC MetroEdge On The Ground In Pittsburgh

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LISC MetroEdge (LME) is LISC’s national commercial corridor program. LME supports Building Sustainable Communities by working with LISC offices and their communities to develop viable commercial corridor and economic development strategies. The LME approach corrects misperceptions of urban markets, identifies hidden assets and helps communities exercise more control over their economic futures.

Locally, with support from PNC Bank Foundation and in partnership with Neighborhood Allies staff support, the business districts in Lawrenceville and Mt. Washington were selected to participate in the program. Over an 18 month period, national experts teamed up with local leaders from Lawrenceville Corporation and Mt. Washington CDC to identify needs and opportunities and improve integration of corridor work with comprehensive plans. The program also provided flexible early action funding to implement some of the ideas that came out of the process.

LC In Lawrenceville, the team focused on Lawrenceville Corporation’s signature event, The Joy of Cookies Tour, which is held annually in early December and draws more than 4,000 people to the community. Businesses report that 30 percent of annual sales are made on the weekend of the Cookie Tour. They used early action funds to purchase new holiday lighting and for beautification and marketing efforts. Read more…

MWCDCIn Mt. Washington, the chose to focus on business attraction, and used LME data to project retail opportunities on Shiloh Street and community marketing. They used early action funds to create new signage for three local businesses and also created an iPhone app business directory. Read More…


Neighborhood Allies is a proud supporter and ally of LISC MetroEdge

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