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Calling All Entrepreneurs!

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Startup Weekend Pittsburgh is an opportunity for people to experience entrepreneurship, to learn how to pitch ideas, form teams, and start tech companies in just 54 hours. Teams will be created with people of different backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets including software development, marketing and communication, design, business analysis, and other enthusiasts.

Participants are given 60 seconds to pitch an idea (optional). Participants vote to identify the top ideas, and then teams form around those ideas and get to work to develop companies or projects. This is a great opportunity to learn by doing. Coaches are available to provide assistance. The weekend culminates with demonstrations in front of an audience of judges, potential investors, and community members.

The event will be held Friday, Nov. 21 through Sunday, Nov. 23, at AlphaLab Gear and Thrill Mill in East Liberty (about 5 minutes from the Target). The event space is wheelchair accessible, and an ASL translator or other accommodations may be available with advance request. A detailed schedule, registration information, and profiles of coaches and sponsors are available at the Startup Weekend Pittsburgh website.

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