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Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc. is HIRING!

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PCSI is hiring an Executive Director!

Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc. (PCSI) was established in 1983 as the designated Community Action Agency (CAA) for the City of Pittsburgh and serves as the anti-poverty agency for the city. PCSI is part of a network of CAAs which were established under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, to help fight America’s War on Poverty. As a CAA, PCSI provides services to persons whose income is 125% or below the 2015 federal poverty guidelines; which means that an individual’s income is $14,713 or less or a family size of four whose income is $30,313 or less. The goal of CAAs is to help low income persons achieve self-sufficiency through the development of processes and activities that empower individuals and families to make life-altering changes which can reduce the barriers and characteristics of poverty. PCSI is one of 43 CAAs in Pennsylvania and one of over 1,100 throughout the United States. PCSI serves approximately 8,500 individuals annually.

Individuals are referred from networks and agencies within the city of Pittsburgh. Following an intake assessment, clients are referred to direct services, or linked to collaborative agencies for services. Mandated by federal, state and local government, PCSI strives to reduce the effects of poverty by identifying resources and committing services to residents and individuals who are at risk.

More about PCSI:

Mission: To address the causes of poverty, and to diminish its effects through the development, implementation, sponsorship and support of programs and activities designed to enable and empower low-income residents of the city of Pittsburgh to make measurable progress on the continuum from impoverishment to self -sufficiency.

Vision: To have a visible impact in reducing the number of impoverished people in the City of Pittsburgh. PCSI is widely recognized in the community as a collaborative partner who routinely influences public policy decisions and is an advocate for and expert on the issues that affect the lives and wellbeing of impoverished people.


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    I am newly Retired but still need to work part time. I am looking to transfer into a position that can fit my health and wellness needs. Thank You. God Bless!

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