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Neighborhood Allies seeks a Real Estate and Placemaking Fellow

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Job Posting–Neighborhood Allies is seeking a Real Estate and Placemaking Fellow to coordinate and manage strategies that will build market demand and improve quality of life in Pittsburgh neighborhoods. Under direction of the President and Real Estate Program Manager, the Fellow will work on a variety of placemaking activities that will impact the social, physical, cultural identity of a community and  be a catalyst to creating jobs, attracting investments and amplifying neighborhood revitalization efforts.


VISION: We envision a Pittsburgh with healthy neighborhoods that are thriving, resilient, and livable for all.

MISSION: Neighborhood Allies works to support the people, organizations, and partnerships committed to creating and maintaining thriving neighborhoods.

POSITION: Real Estate and Placemaking Fellow
STATUS: One year fellowship
REPORTS TO: President and Program Manager, Real Estate Lending and Financial Services

PURPOSE: Placemaking refers to a multifaceted coordination of multiple strategies to build market demand and quality of life by improving the social, physical, cultural and economic identity of a community. Through planning, design, and management of public spaces, creative placemaking is a catalyst to creating jobs, attracting investments and amplifying neighborhood revitalization efforts. Project partners generally include public, private, non-profit, and community sectors, who work to strategically shape the physical and social character of a neighborhood, city, or region around arts and cultural activities. Creative placemaking animates public and private spaces, rejuvenates structures and streetscapes, improves local business viability and public safety, and brings diverse people together to celebrate, inspire, and be inspired.

Under the general direction of the President and Real Estate Program Manager, the Placemaking Fellow shall be responsible for a variety of placemaking activities, such as real estate planning and design, public green space, public art, vacant land re-use, code enforcement, demolition, and receivership. The Fellow is responsible for ensuring that these strategies are integrated with the real estate development effort of CDCs, CBOs, and other Neighborhood Allies partners. The Fellow will coordinate with staff to assist the CDCs and CBOs in advancing a comprehensive regional market recovery approach to neighborhood stabilization. In addition, the Fellow will support the placemaking work of Neighborhood Allies by performing other tasks as necessary.

• Integrating arts, culture and creativity in community revitalization work
• Assisting neighborhood leaders to coordinate the re-uses of vacant and underutilized land, buildings, and open spaces utilizing arts, music and culture
• Integrating amenities such as green infrastructure, including bio swales, rain gardens, and natural assets into all aspects of neighborhood development efforts
• Contributing to briefings, feasibility studies, and research reports
• Assisting real estate partners, placemakers and others with regulatory hurdles such as zoning codes, property maintenance and code enforcement
• Researching and recommending metrics for performance and evaluation of placemaking initiatives
• Conducting property data research and aggregation
• Pursuing new public and private sector support and funding for placemaking initiatives
• Recruiting, organizing and training volunteers from the community and volunteer led organizations
• Evaluating the work of volunteers to ensure that programs are of appropriate quality and that resources are used effectively

• Bachelor’s degree required and three years’ experience in community development-related work; Master’s degree preferred
• Strong working knowledge of Pittsburgh neighborhoods, including their assets and challenges
• Excellent writing skills and proficiency in preparing written reports and business correspondence
• Direct neighborhood development experience
• Knowledge of community organizing, involvement, and engagement
• Knowledge and passion for the intersection of culture, community and economic development, urban planning, and regeneration
• Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills
• Project management and/or organizational skills
• Self-motivation and an ability to work toward objectives with minimal supervision
• Grant writing experience a plus
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite and Google Apps

• Competitive annual salary
• Health care benefits, vacation and sick pay per Neighborhood Allies’ policies – to be provided in detail prior to any offer

Upon a positive performance evaluation at the end of year one, Neighborhood Allies will attempt to match fellows with appropriate full-time paid positions within the community development network.

Please send cover letter, resume, and salary requirements to:


Neighborhood Allies
225 Ross Street, Suite 202
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

No phone calls, please.

Real Estate and Placemaking Fellow

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