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Larimer Consensus Group is HIRING!

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Position Title: Neighborhood Improvement Specialist

Reports to: LCG Board of Directors

Employment Status: Full-time


The LCG serves as a citizen-driven forum for neighborhood planning, implementation and transformation, and has been identified as the community-based organization of record for the community of Larimer. The mission of the Larimer Consensus Group (LCG) is to stabilize, strengthen and grow the community of Larimer through strong communications networks, strategic partnerships, and open, Pittsburgh with Larimer highlighted in red.participatory processes that empower everyone in the community. The work of the LCG is complimented by the Larimer Action Teams, community led partners who focus on visible outcomes and action – getting projects done in the neighborhood while the larger, long-term planning initiatives are under way.

The LCG is a membership-based organization that consists of Resident Members, Organizational Members (Corporate and Action Team), and At-Large (non-resident) members. The LCG board is a volunteer advisory team consisting of ten community leaders, including participants from each of the three member categories. At present the LCG is not a registered non-profit, and all financial administration, operations and formal oversight are maintained through the fiduciary sponsorship of the Kingsley Association.

The LCG is currently seeking a Neighborhood Improvement Specialist. This position will be the first staff person for the all-volunteer LCG. The Neighborhood Improvement Specialist is accountable to the Larimer Consensus Group board of directors and advocates on behalf of the residents of the Larimer neighborhood. The Neighborhood Improvement Specialist will support the LCG’s work to fulfill their commitments under the HUD Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant (CNIG), continue their multi-generational commitment to the Larimer Vision Plan, and uphold Larimer’s community guiding principles throughout their work. This work should be done through the lens of sustainable community development – social justice, economic equity and environmental responsibility.

Job Responsibilities

 Leadership Role

• Set organizational priorities among many competing projects and tasks and implement an organizational strategic plan

• Develop a process to ensure that any organizational activities, current and future, align with CNIG action plan, The Larimer Vision Plan, and the Community Guiding Principles

• Establish a system for vetting new projects and partnerships to ensure they align with CNIG and Larimer Vision Plan and current LCG capacity

• Develop annual performance review and annual goals for partnerships

• Build capacity and strategic relationships for success in future years of implementing CNIG and the Larimer Vision Plan

Choice Neighborhoods Implementation

• Develop an action plan for implementing year 1 Choice Neighborhoods

• Ensure that LCG actively participates in Choice Neighborhoods governance

• Attend all relevant meetings for CNIG

  Real Estate Development and Community Planning

• Ensure that all planning and development aligns with the Larimer Vision Plan

• Ensure that all development meets neighborhood standards for green criteria

• Work with KEEL partners to facilitate real estate development activities,

• Work with KEEL partners to manage collaborations and partnerships related

• Implementation Grant (CNIG) responsibilities and goals and the Community guiding principles

• partnerships, and projects to Larimer’s urban design and planning activities, and represent Larimer in

regional planning activities that affect the neighborhood

 Support of the LCG Board, Committees and Action Teams

• Coordinate regular meetings of the LCG board committees and Action

• Support the board and its committees in meetings, elections, governance,

• Support the board in its pursuit and maintenance of independent 501(c)3

• Support annual Action Team planning, budgeting, reporting, and activities

• Support the board in recruiting and onboarding new board members

• Support the board in its relationships with key partners, such as elected

 Community Outreach, Information, and Advocacy

• Represent the LCG in community meetings

• Develop and manage membership and recruitment program

• Secure outside resources for development of a plan to maintain, utilize, and

• Manage the outreach and data collection work of the Larimer Survey Team

• Support the outreach and communications work of the One Voice Action

• Advocate on behalf of LCG membership and the community with key elected officials and municipal / regional authorities


• Create and manage an organizational budget

• Secure outside resources for development of a fundraising and development

• Secure and supervise highly motivated and qualified fellows, graduate

• Create and maintain organizational chart of roles for LCG board, staff, plan; implement the plan  students, and other staff as necessary interns, and Action Teams

 Performance Objectives – Within one year of working in the position:

• Successfully implement the organizational strategic plan tasks and goals

• Establish model working relationship between position and Larimer Consensus

Group board of directors

• Secure placements for highly motivated and skilled one-year fellowship or graduate

student placements to provide day-to-day support and capacity for: Support of the

LCG Board, Committees and Action Teams; Community Outreach, Information and

Advocacy; and Administrative duties

• Establish Larimer Consensus Group advisory committee for planning and development activities

• Demonstrably reinforce the Larimer neighborhood identity as a state-of-the art green community

• Create strong community outreach and membership program for Larimer

Consensus Group and Action Teams

• Effectively coordinate LCG activities related to CNIG Implementation with all project partners

• Establish effective working relationship with City of Pittsburgh’s Department of City Planning and Department of Public Works to manage vacant and abandoned structures and lots, as well as demolitions

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Knowledge and understanding of current green development criteria and sustainability standards

• Experience in fundraising and relationships with regional foundations

• Knowledge of and experience working with regional government agencies, elected officials and city authorities required

• Leadership experience, including leading volunteers, developing and managing budgets, working with neighborhood committees, and managing collaborations

• Experience and knowledge of urban planning and zoning principles preferred

• Community real estate development knowledge and experience

• Familiarity and understanding of Larimer and experience working with transitional communities.

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Experience working effectively with diverse groups of people with respect to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, culture, disability, gender and nationality

• Knowledge of community development, real estate markets, and neighborhood planning

• Knowledge of issues related to comprehensive community transformation, including education, public health, safety, financial counseling, homeownership counseling, green infrastructure, and workforce development

• Experience with educational programming that builds public knowledge about issues related to comprehensive community development and transformation

• Experience with volunteer coordination, recruitment and leadership development

• Previous work on projects involving coordination between many organizations

• Previous work with residents of low-income neighborhoods and public housing

• Previous work managing or participating in highly effective collaboratives


• Valid Driver’s License

• Ability to work non-traditional hours including evenings and weekend when necessary

• Access to a vehicle

 Materials to be sent

• Current resume

• Up to three professional references

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