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DEADLINE EXTENDED THROUGH 8/14! Announcing the Neighborhood Allies Community Leadership Forum!


We’re proud and excited to announce our Community Leadership Forum– A Grassroots Approach to Resident Driven Neighborhood Change. 

Picture from Kingsley Website

Photo courtesy of the Kingsley Association

At Neighborhood Allies, we know that no one understands Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods better than the residents living in them. Each neighborhood is unique and unless we hear from the residents, we cannot fully understand how to address their challenges and support their aspirations. We want to give residents an opportunity to have their voices heard, and help them access the necessary resources to affect change. Through a collaborative effort with neighborhood leaders, we will be able to develop new ideas and shape them into projects that will provide exciting solutions for each neighborhood’s individual needs. Our forum is not just a medium for having your voice heard. We are looking to celebrate successes and actively involve neighborhood residents in the energy and excitement by giving them the power to influence the changes they want to see!


Wna-currente are looking for three leaders from each of our current focus geographies to represent their neighborhood at the forum.

  1. Pittsburgh Hilltop (Allentown, Beltzhoover, Knoxville)
  2. Homewood
  3. Larimer
  4. Millvale
  5. Wilkinsburg
  6. The Hill District

Ideal candidates must be current residents of one of our current focus areas and have an interest in exchanging information and ideas, discussing the allocation of grants to fund programs and projects in neighborhoods, and communicating with other neighborhood and city leadership. Leaders must be available to serve for one year, and commit to attending 5 of 6 meetings.

Through the Neighborhood Allies Community Leadership Forum we offer you:

  • Power to influence change
  • Exposure to community leaders
  • Access to capital and input on grant allocation
  • Professional development workshops
  • Experience in community development


Interested leaders should please submit the following by the end of the day July 31, 2015  EXTENDED THROUGH Friday, August 14th!!:

  • A one-page statement of purpose focusing on why you are interested in this forum and what you expect to contribute.
  • Include your contact information and list any previous experience in community development and past neighborhood involvement.
  • List 2-3 unrelated references from your neighborhood.

Applications may be mailed to Neighborhood Allies (225 Ross Street, Suite 202, Pittsburgh PA 15219), submitted via fax at 412.471.3746, or emailed to  For any questions, please contact Shad Henderson at 412.471.3727.



  1. Avatar for talia piazza

    Terrell Thoms

    I am the Executive Director of the Isaiah Project.The Isaiah Project provides Hilltop youth with such vocational training as work-experience, academic support, violence prevention, life skills, college preparatory learning, hands on learning, community service, and emotional support in order to ensure a successful high school experience. The students are prepared for their post-graduate endeavors within a safe environment and given a constructive alternative to otherwise “at-risk” and/or illegal activity.

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