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Media Coverage | Forbes Fund, Neighborhood Allies partner for neighborhood development

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By:   – Digital Producer, Pittsburgh Business Times | 

The Forbes Funds and Neighborhood Allies are partnering for an initiative to use resources for more equitable development.

The groups hope a new leadership model will rebuild neighborhoods, increase employment opportunities, and reduce trauma and violence, according to a news release.

Consultant Chris Koch will organize the effort connecting nonprofits, foundations, governments and university partners to encourage data-informed decision-making, develop shared indicators and increase impact measurement.

“As the region continues to evolve as a leader in robotics, artificial intelligence and ‘eds and meds,’ this collaboration will help ensure that the nonprofit community is working together to support a region that works for everyone,” said Fred Brown, president of The Forbes Funds, in a prepared statement. “Our goal is to develop a framework through which nonprofits, neighborhoods and the region can better collaborate, measure impact and increase dialogue.”

The two organizations also see the partnership as a way to attract and retain talent in the region’s human services and community development sectors, the release said.

“Only when nonprofits, organizations and residents share common goals and align their metrics and actions can communities build capacity and impact at scale,” said Presley Gillespie, president of Neighborhood Allies, in a statement. “We are delighted to have Ms. Koch help us create a new culture of problem-solving, collaboration and sustainability in service of improving lives in our vulnerable communities.”

Koch previously served as CEO of Design Center Pittsburgh and co-founder of GTECH Strategies. She is also a member of an international data analysis working group for IRIS, an initiative of the Global Impact Investing Network, which seeks to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

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