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Supporting a Food Cluster | Wilkinsburg CDC

Grantee: Wilkinsburg CDC
Project Name: Food Cluster
Healthy Neighborhood Focus Area: Market Confidence
Amount: $75,000

The Wilkinsburg CDC has administered business workshops over the past two years. They have worked with many entrepreneurs to start their business, only to see them locate in other neighborhoods due to a lack of available code compliant space within the Wilkinsburg business district. The WCDC see this challenge as being one of supply not of demand and would like to both expand and refine their business workshop program to help link entrepreneurs to spaces in Wilkinsburg’s business district.

The project scope is built upon feedback from previous program participants and building owners and is designed to comprehensively address the barriers that inhibit occupancy. The project includes the following elements:
1) Business Workshops
2) Individual Business Consultations
3) Real Estate Feasibility & Technical Assistance
4) Matching Storefront Improvement Grants
5) Rental Assistance Program

Anticipated results:

  • 3 re-activated vacant or inactive commercial properties/units
  • 12 entrepreneurs and start-up businesses that will receive technical assistance
  • 4 existing businesses receiving long-term assistance


The Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation held a free 8 week course for local entrepreneurs in order to support more businesses moving into Wilkinsburg storefronts. The photo below shows some of their graduates! We can’t wait to see what these entrepreneurs do next on their journeys! 

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