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$15,000 Union Project: Strategic Plan Update

PROJECT: Strategic Plan Updateunion project drawing

PROGRAM: 2015 Small & Simple Grants

GRANTEE: Union Project

To complete a 2015-18 Strategic Business Plan, as well as, set up and implement an execution strategy approach with a strong focus on meeting and addressing growing community-based needs. Union Project will contract with two consultants to complete the plan: Jackson Clark Partners and Perato Strategy and Execution Consultants to ensure that the programming and services are as effective, impactful and as relevant and close to the community’s wants and needs as possible.

UP’s community serving program opportunities are in high demand and growing significantly and this strategic plan will grow UP into a more sustainable organization and better serve the community, including low-income and minority residents by:

  • clearly describing their unique model for service and help develop it into replicable model for other transitional neighborhoods
  • determining how best to add capacity to their programs, most likely in the area of education so they can continue to grow local programs including partnerships with other non-profits who are interested to use clay for educational, rehabilitation, and inclusion type services
  • planning and implementing an expanded artist in residence program to continue to bring in local, regional, and nationally known artists to work with UP artists, artists from around the region, novices who want to learn more
  • improving the process by which they measure progress and impact

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