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Data 101 Training Series | UCSUR

parcel-extractor-1024x736PROJECT: Data 101 Training Series

PROGRAM: 2016 Small & Simple


Data 101 is a training series, jointly developed by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center, teaches foundational skills and concepts to help people become data literate. This funding will support the creation of a toolkit in partnership with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh for extending the Data 101 concept to public libraries and other organizations. This work includes documenting existing workshops and materials, developing and testing two additional Data 101 workshops, and piloting training and other models for knowledge transfer to allow new organizations to adopt and teach the Data 101 series. The Regional Data Center and the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh intend to release these materials with an open license, allowing others to use and modify them to meet the needs of their audience. While the Regional Data Center’s involvement with Data 101 is largely limited to the first year of the program, the Library intends to institutionalize the series as part of its core programming.

Measuring Impact:

The impact of the Data 101 toolkit will be measured by continuing to survey Data 101 attendees and tracking the number of organizations that adopt the Data 101 training model. Participants at every workshop have completed a satisfaction survey providing feedback on the workshop, an understanding of the motivation for attending, and ideas for future workshops. Continued use of this survey will allow the partners to assess the quality of new workshops, and understand how the training conducted by new organizations compares to the initial workshop series. The partners will refine our dissemination plan and workshop materials based on this type of feedback.

The partners will also keep track of the number of organizations that adopt the Data 101 training model. Their plan is to publicly post all training materials on the Regional Data Center’s open data portal. Doing so will allow them to track metrics such as the number of downloads and views. They will also track the number of technical assistance requests, and record anecdotal information on the number of cities that adopt this model as discovered through their professional networks.

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