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$75,000 Trade Institute of Pittsburgh: Facility and Program Expansion

PROJECT: Trade Institute Facility and Program Expansion

PROGRAM: 2014 Catalytic GrantsApril 2015 120 (1024x768) (640x480)

GRANTEE: Trade Institute of Pittsburgh

With these funds, the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh (TIP) will expand its facility and programming to accommodate scalability and the organization’s ability to fulfill its role in Project RE_. Through this assistance, TIP will complete their new facility on Susquehanna Street in Homewood by relocating the current office and shop space for the Masonry Training Program and creating additional work training areas for two different programs. This build-out will allow TIP to 1) increase its capacity (space and programming) to address the chronic April 2015 127 (1024x768)unemployment in Wilkinsburg and Homewood, especially among the ex-offender population; 2) double its numbers served at the completion of this project; 3) at minimum, triple its annual number of participants served, taking more men and women from zero income to a living wage in less than three months; and 4) be an effective partner in Project RE_. [Project RE_ addresses the need for renewal in blighted communities by utilizing the ingenuity and resources of fifth year architecture students at CMU, the supplies and resources of Construction Junction and trade labor and expertise by TIP.]

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