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$50,000 FOCUS Pittsburgh: Trauma-Informed Community Development

PROJECT: Trauma-Informed Community Development Planning and Pilotphoto(12)

PROGRAM: Spring 2015 Catalytic Grants


To address the effects of trauma, FOCUS Pittsburgh and its partners intend to launch a Trauma-Informed Community Development Strategy. This comprehensive pilot initiative is being developed by combining, layering-on and adapting existing, proven studies and models that address individual program areas and issues (trauma, behavioral health, psychology, community organizing and engagement, etc.) to address the over-arching issue of community-based trauma and the direct and indirect effects it has not only on individual residents, but the community as a whole. The goal of this initiative is to establish and promote healthy, healing micro-communities in the Hill District. FOCUS Pittsburgh will build an Advisory Board consisting of a broad network of partners and experts that will help guide efforts to achieve positive outcomes in support of the implementation of a Trauma-Informed Community Development Initiative, led by FOCUS Pittsburgh in the Hill District. They will also launch the Well-being, Relational, Stability and Competency (W.R.S.C) Index Tool which will use an algorithm to determine a person’s overall well-being, while at the same time indicating what areas of his or her life might need serious intervention to improve overall health.


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