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Hill District Tenant Leadership Development Program | Hill District Consensus Group

The Hill District Consensus Group will design and deliver specialized trainings for 15 tenants and provide them with on-site technical assistance.

This $75,000 investment will positively impact Equitable Development in the Hill District.

Anticipated Results:

  • A solidified program including curriculum, modules, evaluation system and tools developed
  • 12 tenants completing the Tenant Leadership Development Program
  • 5 successful mediations/linkages conducted, with tenants noting improved housing conditions and/or housing access
  • 1 advocacy actions/policy recommendations to either prevent unwarranted displacement or improve housing conditions
  • 3 positive neighborhood stories included on website, social media, and newsletter


Above all, the HDCG wants to serve as an amplifier of resident voice. The tenant rights workshops serve as a venue for meaningful collaboration, inentional community support, and hope. HDCG has been at the center of the grassroots anti-displacement work in housing justice in the Hill District and continue to act as a support network, organizer, and resource center for residents. Yet, the important work of advocating for affordable housing in the Hill District and throughout Pittsburgh could not be done without the engagement, cooperation, and insight of residents.

The program currently entails monthly renter’s rights workshops, connection to local and national training opportunities and provides direct technical assistance to block clubs and tenant councils to help strengthen their work. Each monthly workshop covers a new topic, such as escrow accounts, credit building, state tenant laws, privacy rights, fair housing and disability laws, eviction process and prevention, community land trusts, development without displacement, and more. Read more:

Where Are They Now? | The Hill District Consensus Group Tenant Rights Workshop Series

  • Residents of the Hill District attended the Homes For All Renter Week of Action and Assemblies in 2017, one opportunity given to attendees of the renters rights workshops.

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