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BizFIT Initiative | Riverside Center for Innovation:

PROJECT: BizFIT Initiativedownload

PROGRAM: 2016 Catalytic

GRANTEE: Riverside Center for Innovation

BizFIT is a new program designed to assist Disadvantaged and Minority Business Owners in the construction industry with the skillset to operate their business from start-up to becoming a prime contractor. BizFIT will assist the DBE to identify their strengths and weaknesses, look at their capabilities, evaluate the market place and see how they fit into the industry. Additionally, they will receive assistance in development of a five-year strategic plan for growth. RCI, in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh-Small Business Development Center aka the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence, has developed educational programs for DBE’s at every stage of their business development- from exploration of entrepreneurship as an option to opening the doors for the first time to development- to the development of a detailed plan to grow the business.

BizFIT Tier Three – Start Ups: BizFIT Entrepreneurial Preparation Series is a 10-12 week entrepreneurial business plan training that teaches start-up and existing construction DBE companies the following:
• Mechanics of Starting a Business;
• Market Penetration and Techniques;
• How to Access Capital;
• Financial Statement Basics;
• Understanding Operations and Managing Growth

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