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$65,000 Pittsburgh Works: Greater Beltzhoover Capacity Building

PROJECT: Greater Beltzhoover Capacity Building

PROGRAM: 2014 Catalytic Grants

GRANTEE: Hilltop Alliance (fiscal agent for Pittsburgh Works)

The Beltzhoover Capacity Building IMG_3642Program will provide a collaborative structure for the leadership of Beltzhoover, Knoxville, and Allentown’s community-based organizations. Over twelve months, Ron Porter will assist the recently-formed Beltzhoover Unified Front (BUF) with: 1) leadership development and education around comprehensive community planning and development; and 2) establishment of rules/procedures to build the capacity of the Greater Beltzhoover Partnership (The Partnership). The goal of The Partnership is to establish a platform for the neighborhood organizations of Beltzhoover, Knoxville, and Allentown to join together to advance projects and services that meet residents’ needs and improvethe community, as well as to ensure the inclusion of existing residents as the neighborhoods begin to redevelop. The Partnership will be developed as a companion piece to the efforts of the Hilltop Alliance and will facilitate the planning and advocacy for equitable and sustainable development activities within the Beltzhoover neighborhood and the areas of Allentown and Knoxville that are in proximity of the Warrington and Beltzhoover Avenue corridors, while partnering with its neighbors in the South Pittsburgh communities to promote regional development activities.

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