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$75,000 Operation Better Block: Homewood Cluster 4 Implementation

PROJECT: Homewood Cluster 4 ImplementationCluster 4 OBB

PROGRAM: Spring 2015 Catalytic Grants

GRANTEE: Operation Better Block (OBB)

OBB has prioritized neighborhood revitalization though homeowner stabilization and blight remediation as keys to Homewood’s renaissance and created the Cluster Plan to guide that change in the interest of Homewood’s residents. The Cluster Planning process created a detailed land-use vision for Homewood’s future based on the needs and desires of existing, present-day community stakeholders. The main tenets of this process are 1) relationship building with the residents and property owners, 2) giving those who want to stay in the neighborhood tools to be able to do so though residents services, 3) after assessing each parcel’s status though on-the-ground data collection, 4) working with each neighborhood “cluster” to determine future uses for vacant parcels and ultimately, 5) creating a vision for the area.

OBB will build upon work that has already happened in cluster area four and implement the resident-driven vision and the broader cluster four vision by continuing blight removal in conjunction with placemaking to truly make an impact in one of the most catalytic parts of Homewood. Cluster area four is located along the East Busway, bordered by North Homewood Avenue, Hamilton Avenue and North Braddock Avenue. The two main facets of this approach will utilize homeowner stabilization and placemaking.

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