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Manufacturing 2000 Quick Train | New Century Careers:

PROJECT: Manufacturing 2000 Quick Traincourse1

PROGRAM: 2016 Small & Simple

GRANTEE: New Century Careers

Quick-Train is offered at NCC’s Training Innovation Center on the South Side and in the Allegheny County Jail. NCC recruits, enrolls, screens and trains job seekers- with a focus on young adults-for this time-shortened (250, 450 or 600 hours) pre-apprenticeship program. NCC is the only Pittsburgh nonprofit organization currently providing this type of training free-of-charge to high school graduates and GED-completers.

Quick-Train incorporates modifications learned through a pilot project with the Allegheny County Jail Collaborative in which online learning was paired with hands-on training. This pilot program confirmed the efficiency and efficacy of online machining-related training.

Quick-Train allows un/underemployed men and women 18 and older to enter the manufacturing workforce within as few as three months, benefiting trainees who don’t have the financial means or time to enroll in longer training programs. In collaboration with industry, NCC provides classroom and hands-on machining training, instruction in math, machine theory, part print reading and metrology, plus special sessions focused on professional development and resume writing.

During the first 150 hours of Quick-Train, participants complete 50 online machining-related classes, followed by 100 hours of hands-on shop training at NCC’s Training Innovation Center. Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and accredited by the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS), the center has three classroom spaces and a shop floor with industrial mills, lathes, saws, grinders and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment.

Trainees immediately begin their job search after 250 hours of training. They work with NCC staff to create resumes, apply for employment opportunities and attend employer expos. NCC staff members distribute trainee resumes to partner companies and other employers seeking machinists.

NCC will purchase tools and measuring instruments for its Training Innovation Center to equip Quick-Train participants with the technical skills needed for successful employment with Pittsburgh’s manufacturers.

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