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$10,000 Gateway Placemaking/Community Green Space

PROJECT: Lot Beautification at Mountain and WagnerPop UP Hilltop May 15, 2010 046

PROGRAM: 2015 Small & Simple Grants

GRANTEE: St. Clair/Mt. Oliver Block Watch (Hilltop Alliance)

Mt. Oliver City/St. Clair Block Watch received funding to complete work on a vacant lot in the neighborhood to establish an outdoor community area and to in order to be more visible at a prominent intersection in the neighborhood and to bring people out of their houses encouraging them to inquire why residents are meeting. The project is the conversion of a city-owned property into an outdoor community gathering pace for social and leisure activities and is part of GTECH Strategies ReClaim South program. The site was previously improved by adding two cement checkerboard/chess tables and four cement corn hole boards and a mini lending-library. The next phase and completion of this project includes further excavation of the soil so that grass can be planted add a walkway and seating area with benches and chairs. The lot is on a main thoroughfare and near a bus stop and highly visible and traveled. Our funds would be used to cover the landscaping and construction costs(. In addition to the support and funding that the group has already received through GTECH, they have also secured $2500 from Birmingham (to be used for pavers/sand/gravel), trash cans and bike racks from the City and community members will be donating plantings as well as their time to help with landscaping.

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