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No Place Like Homewood Mural | Moving the Lives of Kids

dscf7007PROJECT: No Place Like Homewood Mural

PROGRAM: 2016 Small & Simple

GRANTEE: Moving the Lives of Kids

MLK Mural focuses on the arts, youth development and education. MLK Mural was founded by artist and muralist Kyle Holbrook and opened their office in Homewood in 2002.

The Murals are guided by qualified professional artists/educators experienced in working with youth, public art and community engagement. The Youth Artists learn about the history and culture of their own community, and then translate their images into vividly colorful Murals in public spaces. The Youth Artists are paid for their commitment to neighborhood beautification and civic duty. They learn job responsibilities while participating in positive peer groups making positive impacts on their communities. MLK teamed up with Mayor Peduto, the Homewood Renaissance, and many other stakeholders to create a mural program that will kick off in the summer of 2016.

Moving Lives of Kids will select local youth through partner organizations, PSYEP programs, and from the website to participate in the summer mural program. Each student will have the opportunity to work for 6 weeks side-by-side with professional artists creating works of public art that both beautify the community and express the positive vision of Homewood.

Once the location has been selected and a selection committee has volunteered to review submissions, a call for artists is held. After artists have been prescreened and prequalified, they receive information from MLK Mural on themes and ideas expressed by the community. Once MLK Mural has submissions from three to five artists, they pre-sent them to the community. Community Empowerment and Homewood Renaissance are the collaborative partners.

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