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Continuation of 2nd Local Platoon | The Mission Continues

IMG_2790PROJECT: Continuation of 2nd Local Platoon

PROGRAM: 2016 Catalytic

GRANTEE: The Mission Continues

In June of 2015, we awarded TMC a $50,000 grant to launch a second platoon in one of our targeted neighborhoods. Through our assistance, TMC selected Homewood to start their second platoon. Over the last year, the 2nd Service Platoon has established an operation in Homewood where they are working to eliminate blight through partnerships with organizations such as Operation Better Block and Homewood Community Sports. The platoon is currently comprised of 32 veteran volunteers, 16 community members, and 22 external volunteers. Additionally, they have had nine service/support projects with over 500 volunteer hours worked. Projects range from community clean-up events, assisting homeowners with repairs to preparing Stargell Field for Opening Day. The platoon engaged community members and made repairs to five properties and recorded properties that may need additional support in the future. This project not only helped the community, but helped the veterans become more knowledgeable about the issues in Homewood and prepared them to become advocates for the neighborhood. Furthermore, the Pittsburgh 2nd Service Platoon has made greater connections to grant-makers, identified additional veterans who were able to connect to The Mission Continues and has become a lead collaborator on community impact projects.

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