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Millvale: Nurture Nature | Pittsburgh Schweitzer Fellows Program

Millvale: Nurture Nature | Pittsburgh Schweitzer Fellows Program | $1,600 Catalytic Grant

Amanda Hagl, a Fellow/Physican Assistant at Duquesne University’s School of Health Sciences, will work with Millvale children and families with asthma to improve their health literacy and efficacy of inhaler use as well as triggers inside and outside. She will provide asthma health education classes at the Millvale Library and information about the existing resources available to underprivileged people suffering from asthma in Pittsburgh. Additionally she will provide radon kits for families and radon education.

Environmental health is a school of thought that recognizes the social, economic, and physical determinants of health. Creating healthier communities requires more than just expanding access to care, but also establishing environmental justice and expanding health education. Due to the need to expand public health knowledge to address health care disparities and to raise interest in environmental concerns, Amanda plans to develop interactive environmental health classes that educate parents and children about additional environmental health factors that may influence health.

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