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$75,000 Millvale: Community Capacity Building

PROJECT: Millvale Community Capacity Building

PROGRAM: 2014 Catalytic Grants

GRANTEE: Millvale Community Library

Community volunteers, with support from the Borough and Library, have been pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and have partnered with local and regional organizations to enact major community revitalization initiatives in Millvale. After a solid decade of these small-scale efforts, they developed the Millvale Ecodistrict community-wide sustainability plan with evolveEA. As a result of these initial wolovich_final-3efforts, Millvale is well-positioned to participate in the tremendous growth and investment that our region has been experiencing the past 5-10 years. The community is in dramatic need of raising staff capacity to ensure community voice and participation in the remaking of the community as a cleaner, greener, happier, and more engaging place. With increased capacity, Millvale will be able begin implementation of the Ecodistrict community-wide sustainability plan, which was designed to understand the relationship between the existing work, while increasing Millvale’s community resiliency through the lenses of food, water, and energy:

  • The Library transitions into a full-fledged member of the Allegheny County Library Assoc. of PA and will have access to county, state, and regional funding streams that will be used to support community based work
  • The Library completes build-out and establishment of overall project vision and begins presenting as a replicable and realized model of social entrepreneurship and triple bottom line thinking at the community level
  • An additional five Millvale adults pass and attain their GED
  • A tenant for Millvale Town Square is secured, and a plan is in place to use the Town Square project to address Millvale’s status as a Food Desert
  • Successful collaboration with ARTEZ to complete the housing strategy for Millvale
  • Community Gardens continue to grow and flourish and increase engagement of community members
  • Implementation of combined sewer overflows Water District project to solve 4 CSO’s though the use of green infrastructure

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