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Hill District Community Wireless Network | Meta Mesh

download-1PROJECT: Hill District Community Wireless Network

PROGRAM: 2016 Small & Simple

GRANTEE: Meta Mesh Wireless Communities

Meta Mesh seeks to empower and provide the resources for Hill District residents to create a secure, resilient and scalable wireless network. This network will not only provide Internet access, but also become a community hub for distributing information related to public safety and events and serve as an economic development tool to attract an increased flow of business settlements and consumer activity to the area.

Meta Mesh will train residents of the Hill District to install, troubleshoot, maintain and expand a free and open Community Wireless Network (CWN) and purchase the materials to implement a 20-node network.

For this project, Meta Mesh will:

• Provide materials, equipment, training, food during events, and expertise during installation. They will additionally conduct educational programming for the Hill District residents on deploying and maintaining their community-owned wireless network. The CWN that Meta Mesh will install will become a part of the broader existing network known as PittMesh.

• Bring proven expertise in wireless network deployment for communities. The project will be installed efficiently under Meta Mesh and its partners’ guidance and the proficiency to maintain the network will be transferred to the community.

• Assist in deploying a seed network of 20 indoor and outdoor routers (nodes) covering the densest area of the business population in the Hill District. This will serve as the core of the network from which to expand.

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