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$75,000 Made Right Here: Larimer Youth Maker Training

PROJECT: Larimer Youth-Maker Training Pilotimage007

PROGRAM: Spring 2015 Catalytic Grants

GRANTEE: Made Right Here/Catalyst Connection

Made Right Here will implement a year-long youth program for 10-15 Larimer youth, training them on cutting-edge technologies and the tools of the future utilizing the space, equipment, and capacity of TechShop in Larimer. Through the 2015-2016 school year, the youth will be provided with a one year “Leveling Up” program where they will begin the Maker Professional Training Program with the goal of entering the job market upon completion OR working in the manufacturing/making field during their next educational step.

During the school year, youth will be trained on how to use a range of digital tools and equipment while learning relevant production knowledge. Students will come to the Maker Space at TechShop for no fewer than 24 formal workshops, classes, and group sessions (12 during fall semester, 12 during spring semester). Over winter break, youth will complete a group project to hone their technical skills. They will also be expected to complete individual and group projects throughout the year. The year-long training will culminate with a structured program during the summer of 2016 where students will work closely with a local artist/maker to complete a Larimer-based community maker project that will be part of the neighborhood for years to come (e.g. a sign for Larimer, a bench for a public park, artful stormwater design, or another community project that fits into the plans for Larimer redevelopment). Made Right Here will work closely with the neighborhood to determine a project that will be most impactful and fit best into the neighborhood vision and plan.

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