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Land Steward Professional Development in Hill District, Millvale and Hilltop | Landforce

Land Steward Professional Development in Hill District, Millvale and Hilltop | Landforce | $65,000 Catalytic Grant

Landforce will recruit from and work in three of Neighborhood Allies’ priority geographies- the Hilltop, the Hill District and Millvale. Landforce has worked closely with the CBOs and other nonprofits in each neighborhood to ensure that the projects shown below reflect important priorities for each community, reflecting real ownership over the process and outcomes. A brief outline of the recruiting and project work in each location follows:

  • Hill District: working with FOCUS Pittsburgh to identify potential recruits and projects. FOCUS Pittsburgh, collaborating with GTECH Strategies’ ReClaim Central program, has asked Landforce to help clear debris and rebuild a retaining wall at 2956 Webster Avenue, a vacant lot owned by St. Luke’s Baptist Church. The ReClaim Ambassador will leverage Landforce’s contribution by adding benches, signs and artwork to the site.
  • Millvale: working with Millvale Library, Millvale Borough, and North Hills Community Outreach to recruit from the Millvale area. Landforce will work with Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, who have existing projects in Millvale, to maintain planted restoration areas in Millvale Riverfront Park, mulch and weed hillside plantings along Route 28, and possibly assist with tree care and bioswale events.
  • Hilltop: working with UrbanKind Institute, Beltzhoover Consensus Group (BGC), Knoxville Community Council (KCC) and the Hilltop Alliance to recruit potential crew members and identify potential projects. The project idea in Knoxville is to prepare a site for a Kaboom playground and in Beltzhoover, a heavy/initial clearing of vacant lots.

Anticipated Results:

  • Hire one crew member from each identified neighborhood: Hill District, Hilltop and Millvale;
  • Complete retaining wall & lot clearance in Hill District;
  • Complete 2 to 3 restoration / maintenance projects in Millvale;
  • Complete 2 vacant lot projects in Hilltop;
  • Hire 14 crew members

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