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Property Stabilization Program Expansion | Hilltop Alliance

dscn2633PROJECT: Property Stabilization Program Expansion

PROGRAM: 2016 Catalytic

GRANTEE: Hilltop Alliance

The Hilltop Alliance’s Property Stabilization Program (PSP) works directly with property owners to help them access available resources to fix problems before punitive fines are pursued through the city. Using in-house offerings such as their side yard grants and residential façade grants, while also leveraging third-party resources, the PSP has a 36.9% success rate, having resolved 107 code issues to date. Thus far, all PSP efforts are proactively focused where current strategic plans exist (Hilltop Housing Market Restoration Strategy-2013 and the Haberman Corridor Plan-2016) and reactive where issues are reported by residents. With this funding, the Hilltop Alliance will launch a one-year Property Stabilization Program Fellowship for a Hilltop resident whom Hilltop Alliance will hire, compensate and train in how to monitor, communicate and work with the program partners to resolve property maintenance and/or quality of life code violations in Allentown, Beltzhoover and Knoxville. This knowledge transfer and project management training will provide the resident with the skills necessary to continue the work (on a volunteer basis) through their own community involvement and/or work in the greater Pittsburgh community development system.

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