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Guide to Reframing Blight | Wilkinsburg CDC

A Practical Guide to Reframing Blight | Wilkinsburg CDC | $12,500 Catalytic Grant

A Practical Guide to Reframing Blight is a project designed to make the process of acquiring and rehabilitating vacant property easier to understand and execute. The project has two main components, a web element and a print element. While the video series is meant to be an introduction to vacant property acquisition prior to initiating the process, the printed workbook will provide a thorough and interactive guide to an in-progress acquisition, recording information and transactions, allowing WCDC staff to more effectively track and assist potential property owners:

  • A series of instructional videos organized around different steps of the vacant property acquisition and rehabilitation process. The series can be viewed sequentially as an introductory course to purchasing blighted property or the user can skip ahead to individual topics; each segment will be a part of the whole but can function as a standalone piece. The video series will cover the following: finding vacant properties, locating information about ownership and liens, methods of acquiring a property (applying for the Vacant Property Recovery Program, negotiating with an owner, sheriff’s sale purchase, and conservatorship), dealing with liens (applying for the Wilkinsburg Tax Compromise Program or the Wilkinsburg Tax Abatement), financing the acquisition (local and federal mortgage programs), beginning to rehabilitate, and next steps. The series will include a mixture of animations and interview footage, highlighting success stories and lessons learned.
  • The web video series will be supplemented by a workbook which will be made available in the WCDC office to interested parties. The workbook will be organized chronologically for the acquisition and rehabilitation process with space for the potential buyer to record key dates and numbers as well as checkboxes for important steps of the process.

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