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$15,000 GTECH Strategies: Pittsburgh Resilient Cities Neighborhood Planning

PROJECT: Pittsburgh Resilient Cities Neighborhood Planning

PROGRAM: 2015 Small & Simple Grants


The purpose of this grant is to support the capacity of GTECH and partners to assemble a plan of Gtech logoaction for how the city’s Climate and Resilience Plan will connect to our most vulnerable communities. This planning process will create the capacity and support necessary to apply the City’s climate planning process to a community development context that each of our communities can use and lead to safer and healthier environments for residents. As part of this grant, GTECH will:

  • Benchmark other city community development systems and how climate and resilience planning is incorporated into planning, funding, capacity building and evaluation AND have that input incorporated into the the City’s strategy
  • Establish a plan to integrate climate risk assessment and hazard planning into the traditional community development planning process
    • Resident-driven data collection & sharing tools and process
    • Structured training for climate risk and hazard assessment with community based agencies
    • The design of community based resiliency plans to link to existing community plans
  • Craft an implementation plan to equip and empower residents in climate vulnerable neighborhoods to increase the capacity of their communities to adapt to climate related impacts
    • A fund for micro grants
    • An online inventory of projects and activities to facilitate collaboration
    • A network of individual community experts to help lead planning processes

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