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$75,000 Farm Truck Foods: Mobile Farmers Market

PROJECT: Mobile Food Market Pilot

PROGRAM: 2014 Catalytic Grants

Guy Wathen, Trib Total Media

Guy Wathen, Trib Total Media

GRANTEE: Farm Truck Foods

Farm Truck Foods’ mission is to bridge the gap between farmers and community members throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region. They are piloting a mobile market program that provides universal access to whole, nutritious, affordable and local foods to residents living in food deserts or in communities with poor access to healthy food. Their business approach is three pronged: 1) Mobility: to reach multiple communities; 2) Education: to inform and communicate the presence of and positive effect of accessing, preparing and eating nutritious foods; and 3) Locally Sourced: to create a local multiplier effect throughout the region. As part of this proposal, Farm Truck Foods purchased and retrofitted a truck and is creating community-specific, tailored approaches as they move into the pilot neighborhoods, helping to increase early adoption and allowing for trust to be built within each individual stop. Farm Truck Foods also accepts Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) to accommodate the needs of each individual. Available food will include produce, meats, dairy, and grains, and will run year-round.

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