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Streetscape Demonstration Project | Bloomfield Development Corp.

bloomfield-outreach_flyer_page_1PROJECT: Streetscape Demonstration Project

PROGRAM: 2016 Small & Simple

GRANTEE: Bloomfield Development Corporation

The Streetscape Demonstration Project was created in response to the deterioration of existing street amenities like garbage cans, and due to the lack of attractive and accessible amenities along Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield. Liberty Avenue is Bloomfield’s living room, where friends and neighbors interact and social bonds are strengthened. The goal of this project is to creatively gather community consensus on a variety of streetscape amenities and begin permanently installing the preferred items as resources allow.

The Streetscape Committee, comprised of BDC staff and board members, local residents, landscape architects, and representatives from Bloomfield Livable Streets, Bike Pittsburgh, and City Planning, identified benches, planters, and trash receptacles as the primary area of need. New items, chosen by the project committee, are to be installed in July on Liberty Avenue between Edmond Street and State Way. Installations will last up to six weeks and halfway through, the original elements will be removed and new options will be installed, allowing the community to experience two complete sets of streetscape amenities.

BDC is working closely with the City to secure all necessary permits and permissions for installation in a public right-of-way. This process involves navigation of the Art Commission review process, the encroachment permit required by Department of Public Works (DPW), and incorporating existing City standards of functionality and maintenance. BDC is documenting the project process and working with Department of City Planning (Michael Smith) in order to create a model for the Streetscape Demonstration Project that will be replicable in other communities.

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