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Bedford Dwellings Choice Planning Grant | Allies and Ross

Grantee: Allies and Ross 
Project Name: Bedford Dwellings Choice Planning Grant
Healthy Neighborhood Focus Area: Community Ownership
Amount: $15,000

To further the development of Choice Neighborhood’s People Plan through the facilitation of 6 focus groups, 4 strategy development teams and writing the draft plan focusing on employment, education, public safety and health.

In June 2016, The Housing Authority of Pittsburgh and the City of Pittsburgh were awarded a Choice Neighborhoods (CN) Planning Grant for Bedford Dwellings/Hill District. The CN Initiative is HUD’s place-based initiative in support of a comprehensive approach to neighborhood transformation based on the three core goals of: Housing, People and Neighborhood, which are defined as follows:
• Housing: Revitalize severely distressed public and/or assisted housing
• People: Support positive outcomes for residents health, safety, employment, mobility and education
• Neighborhood: Transform distress neighborhoods into viable, mixed-income neighborhoods with access to services, public assets and amenities.

The People working group, led by Duquesne University and the Hill House Association, has completed a comprehensive data gathering and needs assessment which included a resident needs assessment that surveyed 78% of Bedford Dwellings residents and multiple community meetings including a July Community Visioning Session.

The People Team will compile what they have learned through all of the community meetings, resident survey, focus groups and stakeholder meetings to determine the strategies the community has identified to meet the needs identified. After the second Community Visioning Session in October, strategy development teams, led by Duquesne faculty and consisting of residents, providers, government agencies, and other stakeholders will meet to create action steps and timelines for each strategy identified through the community planning process. Duquense is responsible for writing the actual people plan.

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