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$8,000 Allegheny Land Trust: Transfer Development Rights Education and Outreach

PROJECT: TDR Education and OutreachALT

PROGRAM: 2015 Small & Simple Grants

GRANTEE: Allegheny Land Trust

With our support,  Allegheny Land Trust will develop and produce educational materials outlining the details and benefits of creating and implementing a Transfer Development Rights (TDR) Program in the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. A TDR Program can be a powerful tool to generate a new source of private revenue to care for the green space and infrastructure by:

  • Generating revenue for nonprofits
  • Eliminating or reducing the concern from the taxing bodies that land is being removed from the tax rolls
  • Guiding growth and investment where it is needed and wanted
  • Ensuring that the improvements made to blighted parcels is not vulnerable to a future “higher and better use

Two options will be researched, outlined and included in the educational materials:

  • Option ONE: allows a landowner to sell the development rights from his property to a developer who then uses those development rights to increase the density of houses on another piece of property at another location, creating an incentive for the developer to buy the rights
  • Option TWO: establish a TDR Bank to transfer development rights. Developers who wish to develop at a higher density than current zoning allows, would purchase rights from the local gov’t, which could then use funds to purchase more rights from properties in the area that is wants to protect from development or use for green infrastructure.

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