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2018 PopUp! Pittsburgh Project of Leadership Development Initiative

Leadership Pittsburgh Inc.’s Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) Cohort will partner with Millvale community residents, leaders and stakeholders to¬†create, select, and execute the 2018 PopUp! event in Millvale.

This $6,000 investment will positively impact Community Ownership in Millvale.

Anticipated Results:

  • 1 LDI-led PopUp project implemented
  • 50 emerging new leaders identified and engaged
  • 4 Community-based organizations and/or individuals actively engaged in the planning/execution of PopUp!


The Millvale LDI cohort and residents at Millvale’s 150th anniversary event – A Taste of Millvale – celebrating the creation of their intergenerational cookbook!

The theme for each PopUp event is created, selected, and then delivered by the class of young leaders, drawing on their critical interactions, discovery, and engagement with residents and community members, and the 2018 PopUp was no different.

In learning about Millvale through talking with the stakeholders in the community, the LDI cohort found that there was an opportunity to bring both sides of Millvale, the older and the younger generation, together through a community cookbook; Millvale is very proud of its “foodie” culture, both established and emerging. And, as we all know, food has a way of bridging, forging, and creating new relationships. Based on this common connection, the class chose to hone in on the general theme of “food.” Additionally, the class wanted to leave a tangible, lasting impact. All of these considerations led to an event designed to unify the community in celebrating Millvale’s 150th Anniversary PLUS creating a Millvale cookbook! Check out the cover of the Taste of Millvale cookbook and a featured recipe for “Rocky Road”!

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