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Grantee Spotlight | Steel Smiling’s Beams to Bridges Program Empowers Residents, Provides Mental Health Resources and Education

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Recently re-launched in the Hilltop, the Beams to Bridges program established a cohort of residents who, after a 9 month learning experience, will be equipped to address their own mental health needs as well as the concerns of their neighbors.

Some of the Hilltop cohort members after hosting their successful Community Conversation on Black Mental Health.

With a focus on providing mental health education to African American residents, Beams to Bridges empowers community members to share stories, educate on and connect neighbors to mental health support and resources, and help decrease stigma surrounding mental health in their neighborhood. Beams to Bridges also connects residents to African American clinicians, provides Mental Health First Aid Certification training, offers financial stipends to offset costs for participation and more. The program aims to meaningfully increasing access and use of mental and behavioral support services while decreasing the stigma of mental health within the Hilltop community.

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Over the past few months, the current Beams to Bridges cohort has achieved certification in Mental Health First Aid; held bi-weekly meetings to discuss topics surrounding personal mental health, community trauma, and how to support and share resources with fellow community members; held a Collaborative Resource Fair in Beltzhoover; and planned and hosted their first community conversation and panel discussion focused on black mental health.

Check out some Facebook posts on the progress of the cohort below!

To keep up with the Hilltop cohort as they continue on in their learning and community building, following Steel Smiling on Facebook and Instagram.

#SteelSmilingChampions #LetsHealTogether #BlackMentalHealth

Steel Smiling bridges the gap between community members and mental health support through education, advocacy and awareness. Their vision is to connect every resident in our region to resources and treatment. Their programming includes: Mental Health Awareness Month Training Blitz, Suicide Prevention Month Forum and Beams to Bridges.

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