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Congratulations to the 2019 Healthy Neighborhood Awardees!

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On behalf of the Neighborhood Allies staff, board and all of our allies who submitted nominations, we’d like to congratulate this year’s awardees! These individuals and organizations will be honored at the 3rd Annual Healthy Neighborhoods Celebration in October! Get your tickets today!

Please join us in congratulating this year’s awardees, McKees Rocks CDC/Roxian Theatre, ACH Clear Pathways, Pittsburgh Garbage Olympics, Amber Sloan/Made It, Circles Greater Pittsburgh and Denise Edwards. Plan to join us on October 24th at the 3rd Annual Healthy Neighborhoods Celebration to celebrate these honorees!

Market Confidence | MRCDC/Roxian Theatre

The recently redeveloped Roxian Theatre embraces the spirit of the McKees Rocks Community while standing out with preserved and polished architectural features. The importance of this theatre to the community can not be overstated–McKees Rocks is now a destination where the performing arts are a key ingredient in the process of helping generate economic activity, sparking new businesses and attracting visitors to the neighborhood.

Quality of Life | ACH Clear Pathways

ACH Clear Pathways is dedicated to providing enriching and new experiences to underserved youth and families through visual and performing arts in the Hill District. With a focus on serving families that may not have the opportunity to access formal arts education, ACH recognizes the uniqueness of each person and are committed to creating a platform for youth to learn how to manage and express their emotions in a healthy way and providing an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome, respected and appreciated.

Neighborhood Image | Pittsburgh Garbage Olympics

The Pittsburgh Garbage Olympics is beautifying neighborhoods while engaging residents and neighbors to be active players in cleaning up their communities. The annual event makes litter clean-up fun by creating a friendly competition to see which neighborhood can collect the most trash. Last year, more than 230 volunteers across 20 neighborhoods participated to collect 640 contractor bags full of trash and 182 tires!

Community Ownership | Amber Sloan/Made It

Amber goes above and beyond to serve the Homewood community. Her passion is helping people to create better lives and better communities, especially in the neighborhood she calls home, Homewood. She is authentic and genuine in her approach, meeting people where they are at and ensuring their voice is heard. On any given day, you will find Amber speaking to teens to equip them with knowledge, helping families get their basic needs met, or advocating for political change to improve the lives of the most vulnerable. Her deep roots in the neighborhood combined with her commitment to save lives inspires many people on a daily basis and truly creates a better community for us all.

Equitable Development | Circles Greater Pittsburgh

Circles Greater Pittsburgh works everyday to move people and families out of poverty by helping individuals expand their social capital and meet their financial goals–bringing them closer to self-sufficiency. Their unique and effective approach breaks down economic and social barriers, connecting low-income individuals with middle or upper class volunteers to create an additional layer of support as they work toward their goals together–holding each other accountable, walking with one another through challenges and celebrating successes.

Ally of the Year | Denise Edwards

Denise is the epitome of a neighborhood ally. She is an active supporter of her neighborhood, Lincoln-Lemington, and of other neighborhoods throughout Pittsburgh and has been for many years. She is dedicated to expanding her knowledge, skills and connections and sharing it with her community. Not only is she a graduate of the Real Estate Co-Powerment Series, she has also dedicated the next 3 years to the Love My Neighbor! program through the Grassroots Grantmaking Committee and serves on The Opportunity Fund’s grantmaking decision panel. She graciously and continuously volunteers her time to meet residents where they are, hear about their projects and provide feedback when necessary.

We’re ecstatic to honor and celebrate our awardees at the 3rd Annual Healthy Neighborhoods Celebration in October–please plan to join us and get your tickets today!

Thank you to our 2019 Sponsors:

Do you want to support Healthy Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh? Sponsorship Opportunities for this exciting event are still available! Contact for details!

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