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We’re Hiring! Neighborhood Allies Seeks A Senior Program Manager, Digital Inclusion

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VISION: We envision a Pittsburgh with healthy neighborhoods that are thriving, resilient, and livable for all.

MISSION: Neighborhood Allies works to support the people, organizations and partnerships committed to creating and maintaining healthy neighborhoods.

Position:          Senior Program Manager, Digital Inclusion

Status:               Full-time

Reports to:      Director of Economic Opportunity


We believe that community residents and stakeholders must be positioned to benefit from and move forward with the redevelopment of their communities.  This includes more power and control over the physical, social, cultural, political, and economic future of their neighborhoods. An important precursor to creating social change is building the social capital, the connections and relationships across the community. The Senior Program Manager, Digital Inclusion will be a collaborative, highly organized, and flexible individual to partner with community stakeholders, program staff, and industry leaders to develop, coordinate, and lead a long-term initiative that bridges the digital divide and advocates for community interests in the face of technological developments in the Pittsburgh region. Integral to this role is to build trust and foster genuine participation of capable implementation and programmatic partners in the creation of equitable communities, and improve the capacity and power of residents to develop digital competencies, encounter new technologies, access opportunity employment and education, and take an active role in the future-oriented developments in the region.

Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Manage all aspects of the Innovation Center deployment:
    • Utilize data to perform a geographic, demographic analysis to identify communities in need.
    • Conduct needs assessment in identified hot spots, including focus groups or interviews with community representatives, teachers, and families about their goals and priorities.
    • Broker partnerships and relationships with community stakeholders, site/center hosts, affiliated public, community development, and non-profit organizations.
    • Conduct deep and broad community outreach to educate residents about the program
    • Develop the communication and storytelling strategy alongside staff members at Neighborhood Allies and partner organizations.
    • Develop workforce development connections and opportunities for participants to find continuing education and employment.
    • Manage team of Center/Site managers once established, with bimonthly check ups (with decreasing frequency after sites are established).
    • Modify and update the strategy and focus of the program based on feedback from participants, knowledge of Pittsburgh’s neighborhood context, and research about technological interventions in at-need communities.
    • Identify a feasible and realistic timeline for implementation.
    • Maintain program budget to ensure efficient and effective use of funds, following all rules outlined in center deployment.
  • Integrate Digital Inclusion under Economic Opportunity umbrella
    • Understand Economic Opportunity related programming and overlaps, including but not limited to Financial Counseling and Workforce Development, banking (especially online services), wealth and capital development.
  • Lead strategic initiative to position Neighborhood Allies as key community advocate and ally re: technological development and changes in Allegheny County region
    • Understand portfolio of Neighborhood Allies work and competencies; represent and advocate for cross-competent partnerships
    • Develop and maintain working partnerships with key tech industry actors in Pittsburgh
    • Advocate for community and resident digital autonomy and rights
  • Constantly learn, analyze, and implement best practices and inject new fresh ideas into the community building work in Pittsburgh; maintain excellence of centers and initiative:
    • Learn about and analyze other digital divide and workforce initiatives/gaps around the world
    • Apply best practices to program design and development
  • Mobilize residents and stakeholders to participate in and contribute to making decisions important to their neighborhoods by:
    • Effectively building trust and relationships with resident groups
    • Being a consistent, regular presence during meetings of such groups
    • Educating oneself on the specific policy and planning solutions to tackle challenges identified by resident groups
    • Serving as a broker of knowledge, to support the translation and utilization of technology as a driving force and conduit to improve lives.
  • Manage budget and finances, develop plan for sustainable funding streams of existing programs and NA competencies, particularly in tech sector.
    •  Determine budgets and allocations for the funding sources
    • Collect documentation through established processes to effectively monitor and measure progress, perform cost-benefit analysis
    • Manage procurement process in line with contracts and commitment to community development
  • Manage special projects as they arise.

Required Qualifications:

  • Commitment to improving the quality of life of people of color and low-income populations
  • Experience and ability to analyze in-depth community, racial, and economic justice issues and to facilitate tough conversations with grassroots leaders and community-based organizations
  • Demonstrated high level of integrity, patience, and thoughtfulness regarding community concerns
  • Experience with databases and data analysis tools to conduct high-level financial and programmatic outcomes for reflective program design and management
  • Working knowledge of and experience with community development issues such as community planning, housing policy, economic development, environmental justice, welfare policy
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience (preferably, at least 5) working at a community-based organization, non-profit, or other social-services capacity
  • Prefer experience and advocacy in projects relating to community/social welfare relative to technological developments in the urban environment
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication, including public speaking; ability to represent the organization with external partners
  • Competent to make professional presentations and reports to major stakeholders and other sponsors, especially public facing
  • Strong organizational, project management, instruction/teaching, and facilitation ability
  • Highly entrepreneurial and flexible, with ability to prioritize
  • Ability to travel as part of work responsibilities and to attend some work events
  • Demonstrated experience siting, designing, and managing client-facing service programs, particularly those accountable to a national parent organization (preferably one year or more)
  • Strong working knowledge of tech industry, developments in field, policy, rights, and ethics
  • Master’s degree in Public Policy, Business, or equivalent


Neighborhood Allies offers a competitive salary and excellent benefits. Open until filled.

Please send cover letter, resume, writing sample, and salary requirements via email to by Friday, December 27th, 2019.

No phone calls please.


Download a PDF of the Job Description here.

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