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Two of Our Allies Are Recognized by the Creative Industries Network

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Congratulations to Njaimeh Njie, our Hill District TPAP Artist and to Nisha Blackwell, former Grassroots Grantmaking Committee Member for being honored at the 2018 Create Festival!

Njaimeh is being recognized as a 2018 Creator of the Year


Njaimeh is also the artist working on our Temporary Public Art and Placemaking (TPAP) Project in the Hill District alongside the Hill House Association.

Their project, Homecoming, Revisits the past, rethinks the present, reimagines the future by collecting andĀ documenting Hill District community members stories–the people, places, memories and imagination–and displays them visually for all to see. Look for Njamieh’s work on display at The August Wilson House at 1727 Bedford Avenue.


Nisha Blackwell is a Co-Create Business Ignition Program Graduate

A now successful creative entrepreneur and owner of Knotzland, Nisha helped us to build and cultivate a group of resident-leaders in Homewood as an inaugural member of our Community Leadership Forum, which has evolved into our robustĀ Grassroots Grantmaking Committee.

The GGC is an empowered community of change agents, who areĀ providing a way for leaders to exchange information, develop ideas and strategies, and access tools to implement community change actions via our Love My Neighbor! Grant Program.

Congratulations to both of these amazing women for your work, impact and accomplishments in building, supporting and maintaining Healthy Neighborhoods and residents in Pittsburgh! We’re are so proud to have you as our allies! #LetsBeAllies

For more information on the good work of Creative Industries Network and the 2018 Create Festival, visit their website.

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