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The Pittsburgh Foundation Awards $175,000 Operating Grant to Neighborhood Allies

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We’d like to take this opportunity to thank The Pittsburgh Foundation for their ongoing support including this most recent $175,000 grant, provided by the Lois Tack Thompson Fund, that will support Neighborhood Allies’ comprehensive work to build healthy neighborhoods through capacity and equity.



Support from The Pittsburgh Foundation will position Neighborhood Allies staff to implement the following projects and programs in 2019:

  • Community Capacity Building &  Grassroots Grants: We invest in Community Capacity Building and programs that build an empowered community of change agents. We coordinate and connect grassroots leaders in target neighborhoods to each other and to available resources, so that their long-term efforts lead to visible, resident-led change. The Grassroots Grantmaking Committee consists of 18 members – three from each of the six target neighborhoods. Since launching the Grassroots Grantsmaking Committee and the Love My Neighbor! grant program, we have invested almost $200,000 into 110 resident-led projects.
  • Community Capacity Building: We work to bolster the capacity of community organizations and residents in low-income and minority neighborhoods. Supported by a CDBG contract with the City of Pittsburgh, we provide technical assistance to build skills and connections and access resources. We created the Partnership Network to coordinate the priorities of the various entities that serve organizations.  The Partnership Network is currently working on strategies that bring direct comprehensive service delivery to the communities on a more regular basis. We are also being to explore multi-sectorial relationships with partners that are working directing in communities and we are looking to build and support their community capacity efforts for successful community building.
  • Real Estate Co-Powerment Series and Shared Real Estate Talent: Shared Real Estate Talent allows community-based organizations to forge long-term, outcome-based consulting engagements with professional real-estate professionals who can assist with strategy, coordination, mentorship and coaching. Our real estate education program, the Real Estate Co-Powerment Series, increases the ability of active community members and organizations to understand their role in equitable real estate development. This training is an integral step to build community power, voice and capacity.
  • Community Trauma Initiative: In order to ensure that our collective work does no additional harm and to facilitate access to mental and behavioral health services at the neighborhood level, our Program Manager for Community Trauma is expanding our organization’s collective understanding within the area of trauma by deeply researching, examining and strategizing a more comprehensive approach to neighborhood development in order to address long-term, deeply rooted, systemic issues affecting our communities.
  • Economic Opportunity: We successfully manage three local Financial Opportunity Centers (FOCs) based on a successful national model of bundling three services together for long-term improvements in income, wealth and credit. Employment services, financial coaching and access to income supports (benefits) are combined to help families to increase wages, access benefits, build credit and reduce expenses – leading to positive cash flow and the ability to cover basic household expenses and begin to save for emergencies and future goals. Other asset-building work includes leadership in the local Bank On effort; facilitating credit-building and financial empowerment training for case managers; and managing the county-wide expansion of a children’s savings account incentive program – Fund My Future; and work with the City of Pittsburgh’s Financial Empowerment Centers.

Funding to support Neighborhood Allies’ comprehensive work to build healthy neighborhoods through capacity and equity was provided by the Lois Tack Thompson Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation. The Pittsburgh Foundation has been a generous and long-time supporter of Neighborhood Allies, enabling us to run and deploy numerous successful and impactful programs and initiatives that directly have positive impact on Pittsburgh residents. Thank you for your ongoing generous support, Pittsburgh Foundation!

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