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The Pittsburgh Foundation Awards $175,000 Operating Grant to Neighborhood Allies in Support of Our Continued Commitment to Make Neighborhoods Healthier & Stronger

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We would like to thank The Pittsburgh Foundation for their continued support and for awarding us a $175,000 operating grant for 2020. The grant will support Neighborhood Allies’ mission of creating and maintaining healthy neighborhoods.

During 2019, we have made great strides in our work in community capacity building, grassroots grantmaking, economic opportunity for all, real estate support, and other initiatives with ongoing support from The Pittsburgh Foundation. With this most recent operating grant, Neighborhood Allies will continue to invest into people, projects and places in our communities.

This grant will allow us to continue to lead or expand the following initiatives during 2020:

  • Community Capacity Building & Grassroots Grants: Since launching the Committee and the Love My Neighbor! grant program, we have invested almost $272,000 into 150 resident-led projects.
  • Community Capacity Building & Grassroots Grants: We coordinate and connect grassroots leaders in target neighborhooods to each other and to available resources, so that their long-term efforts lead to visible, resident-led change. The Grassroots Grantmaking Committee consists of 9 members – representing each of the six target neighborhoods. Since launching the Committee and the Love My Neighbor! grant program, we have invested almost $272,000 into 150 resident-led projects.
  • Catalytic Grantmaking: The Catalytic Grant Program makes larger funds available to support innovative, collaborative and inspiring ideas that make our neighborhoods healthier, more equitable and livable for all. The program aims to 1) seed community development ideas that help transform neighborhoods-in-transition and identify scalable ways to create positive social impact and 2) support comprehensive community development strategies and partnerships. In 2018, we invested 13 Catalytic Grants totaling $396,000 and so far in 2019, we have awarded 8 grants totaling $269,500 and have 4 grants in the pipeline totaling $240,000.
  • Community Capacity Building: We bolster the capacity of community organizations and residents in under-resourced neighborhoods. In 2017, we created The Partnership Network (TPN) to coordinate the various entities that serve our communities and build capacity in the Community Development System. Individual TPN members, and as a collective group, work at both the organization and resident-level with a commitment to being people-centered in their work. Each organization/member is committed to implementing the following practices, which are critical to how they will manage their intra-network relationships and expectations: aligning resources, creating transparency, and articulating shared outcomes.
  • Centralized Real Estate Accelerator: Building upon the Real Estate Co-Powerment Series and Shared Real Estate Talent  programs, we will launch our Real Estate Accelerator in 2020. The Accelerator seeks to accelerate, scale and sustain a more strategic real estate development system, with a dedicated support platform designed to benefit all residents. This large-scale program allows community-based organizations to forge long-term, outcome-based consulting engagements with experienced real-estate professionals, who can assist with strategy, coordination, mentorship and coaching. The ultimate goal is to attract investment capital in the face of scarcity of resources and diminishing financial support.
  • Neighborhood Development: In late 2018 and throughout 2019 we began to work deeper in the Hill District, Homewood, and Larimer through various placed-based investments. In the Upper Hill, we have assembled a multi-sector collaborative to support the equitable development efforts in the Hill District. In Homewood, we were awarded a two-year grant from RK Mellon to implement and facilitate business district investment along North Homewood Avenue. In Larimer, we also worked to collaborate with the Larimer Consensus Group to attract funding, provide recruitment and hiring guidance for a full-time community engagement manager to increase community awareness, and boost marketing, branding and community-driven investments.
  • Economic Opportunity for All: The Economic Opportunity Team at Neighborhood Allies coordinates a suite of services that are paramount to addressing inequality of opportunity for households of color and those living in underserved communities.

The Pittsburgh Foundation has been a generous and long-time supporter of Neighborhood Allies, enabling us to run and deploy numerous successful and impactful programs and initiatives that directly have positive impact on Pittsburgh residents. Thank you for your ongoing and generous support, Pittsburgh Foundation!

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