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The PGH Mobile Toolbox Continues to Make Impact During Its 3rd Season!

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Launched in spring 2017 and co-created with our allies at Grounded, the PGH Mobile Toolbox has continued to add capacity, facilitation, and resources to many community-based projects throughout its 2019 run. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the season holds!

Photo courtesy of Grounded Strategies.

Thus far in its 3rd season, the PGH Mobile Toolbox has provided FREE tools and technical expertise at 32 workdays, engaged with 11 communities, coordinated over 400 volunteers, and helped create or improve 19 outdoor green spaces! The toolbox has consistently provided the capacity, facilitation, and resources necessary for residents to take ownership over their community spaces and carry out wonderful community based projects. It has truly helped to pave the way for the repurposing of overgrown lots as spaces for community connection and greenery, as well as provide resources for the continued maintenance of these areas. In fact, many resident groups make multiple bookings per season to be able to maintain the green spaces.

The range of projects over the course of this season has included several community cleanups, such as those hosted at Princeton Park, in the Lincoln-Lemington Belmar community and in the Homewood community, as well as many workdays in community gardens and farms across the city. Sites visitied by the toolbox include the Hilltop Urban Farm, the African Healing Garden, the Brashear High School Gardens, and the Beltzhoover Unified Positive Effect Community Garden, just to name a few! The toolbox continues to visit neighborhoods all across the city!

PGH Mobile Toolbox 2019 by the Numbers:

  • 32 workdays completed
  • 11 neighborhoods engaged
  • 432 volunteers coordinated
  • 19 outdoor spaces revitalized!

  • 88 volunteers from Mission Continues, Operation Better Block (OBB) including their Jr. Green Corps, and Homewood residents participated in a workday to support resident leader, Miss Mary Savage, in stewarding her flower gardens and green space in Homewood.

Photos courtesy of Grounded Strategies

A huge congratulations to Grounded on their continued success in the running of the PGH Mobile Toolbox! We are thrilled that this program has flourished so spectacularly and continues to grow! If you are interested in hosting your very own workday, visit the Lots To Love website or call Grounded Strategies at 412.361.2099 to learn more and even reserve the PGH Mobile Toolbox for your community project!

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